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"PEMF is a benefit for mankind---from babies to old people. PEMF will lead to a change of paradigm in medicine."
-Dr. Linus Pauling, Nobel Prize winner

"Our entire biological system, the brain and the earth itself, work on the same frequencies'"
TED talk: Bill Doyle: 
Treating Cancer with Electric Fields
Bryant Myers: 
5th Element of Health, PEMF
Dr. William Pawluk: PEMF
Dr. Joel P. Carmichael: overview of PEMF
Dr. Magda Havas: Rapid Aging
TESTIMONIAL:  Magnetic Resonance System
Dr. Bruce Lipton: Life Altering Speech
10 WAYS THE PEMF HELPS THE BODY TO HEAL ITSELF (of just about everything)
PEMF and Lymes Disease.
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PEMF and Dr. Oz
Thyroid & Hashimoto's disease Testimonial---
iMRS 2000 PEMF
PEMF therapy for Knee Pain
Relaxation Music
Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia 
PEMF Therapy for Pets
Dog with Pancreatis
Dog healing

Improve your Biological Terrain